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lördag 8 december 2012

Saturday - English please

Well, excuse me but now I'm trying to write a blogpost in English all the way, and that can be diffucult.
So please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm so in love with the English language and country.

Use Google Translate, to translate this.

I'm most have a sentence about only English, Great Britain is one of my favourite places, I love to look at
the English popular soap Emmerdale, it has been on the television for 40th years, amazing!

I have travelled to England two times, first with mum and dad and two friends to our family Johnny and Bernt.
The second time was in may this year with mum and dad and my boyfriend Christoffer.
He working on a farm who produces linseed oil, and his boss has sold a peace to the US, it's cool.
But if you have a John Deere on the farm it's a most to sell some product to the US.

But we talking the US now I'm more intrested in England of course, I have a blancet with the Union Jack a got it last christmas of christoffer.

Cause, I have a little problem I'm kind of a freezing girl, now it's winter but I'm freezing a lots of times.

If you see some grammatic wrong, please contact me or comment this post.
I had a 'G' in English when I went in school, so it like little more than tourist English my head has in mind.

I told you about in the last blogpost about when I talk to a englishtalking person, when my cousin John christenings his yonugest child, to the story belongs that his wife is from Africa so her relatives talk english.
On the christenings I get to talk some english with some of her realative who lives tadaa in London.
My favourite capital well I'm only been to Copenhagen and Berlin and Stockholm, but London is the best of the best.

This blogpost is now in the end but copy this text to Google translate so you can understand it.
I've cheated myself with some words.

But I'm a kind person so I translate it in next blogpost.

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